Breast Augmentation Testimonials :
I had wanted bigger better looking breasts for as long as I can remember. I was very unhappy with the way my breasts used to look. They were a regular size but the problem was that there was a bad sag to them. Every time I looked at them, my self confidence plummeted. I really hated the way I looked in clothes, especially in T-shirts. In spite of wearing under wired bras, the sag was still quite visible. I had put on a considerable amount of weight as an adolescent and then lost it all too quickly. Not only did I get stretch marks, I also lost quite a lot of the good fat from my breasts. Not a very good thing according to me.

After thinking very hard, I decided that the only course of action for me would be to opt for cosmetic surgery. Though I was quite daunted by the idea, I was still quite keen on doing something about the problem instead of thinking all my life.

I started looking up all the information that I could get on the internet. Believe me when I say that I got really boggled down with the amount of information that I could gather from there. I read as much as could. I also read about peoples ideas about fake breasts. Though there were lots of people saying lots of things, the majority of women who had undergone the operation were quite satisfied with the way they looked after the operation. Also the partners of these women were also quite happy with the way their partner now looked. I was really worried that they might look fake.

I was looking online for a good doctor and that too somebody from my city as I didn't want to go out of station. I fixed up appointments with three doctors whose names I do not want to reveal. I had done my research about Dr. Kumar online and I was quite impressed by his credentials.

In spite of reading up about Dr.Kumar, I was still quite apprehensive the first time I met him. But after speaking to him for just five minutes I was put at ease. I spent nearly half an hour asking him different questions regarding the operation, whether the sag can be corrected, what size implants I need to achieve the look I desired, about the anaesthesia, the side effects, the healing process and finally the pricing. After we had discussed in detail and at length about each and every aspect of the surgery, we set a date for the surgery.

I had almost a week before the surgery and I had ample time to research some more and that's what I did. There were times when I felt unsure about some aspect of the surgery or the surgery itself. I cleared my doubts by messaging Dr. Kumar. He always answered my questions as soon as possible. This helped immensely in allaying my fears. We had decided on 400cc Mentor silicon implants and I was told by Dr. Kumar that initially they will look bigger but once they settle they will look normal.

The day of the surgery arrived and i was very apprehensive which Dr. kumar could realise and immediately allayed my fears. The surgery was completed and i woke up to see a different me. I thank Dr. Kumar for all his efforts for the good result.
                                                                      Thanking you !

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