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Medical Tourism India

Medical Tourism in India

India- the land known as the “golden bird” because of its rich heritage, pristine locations, diverse languages & culture and exciting food gourmet is seen as an enigma by the rest of the world, especially the west. The rapidly changing image of India as the land to be explored, along with the “Incredible India” campaign has done good for our country. The immense talent of this country has been accepted by the world in all fields. Even the health industry is getting its due share in the global space. The talent of Indian doctors has long been recognized in the world.
With the development of world class infrastructure, the world is looking towards us for an affordable but quality treatment at par with the rest of the world.

The resurgence of medical tourism has combined a serious purpose with pleasure. It has led to an increase in the number of patients coming to India, especially those who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery. In the West, even those from affluent backgrounds find it extremely difficult to undergo a cosmetic surgery, given that such procedures are the costliest there. They are now turning to us and India has witnessed an influx of such patients. Even the NRIs living in different parts of the world find it difficult to undergo such surgeries and feel more comfortable getting it done while visiting their homeland and their loves ones.

A package of the same surgery based on international quality standards costs almost less than 1/10th of the expenses in the West, making complete sense of getting the procedures done in India. A 4-6 month medical treatment and surgery for hair restoration (>2500 follicles) costing approximately 1500$ and 16,000$ respectively in the West will cost less than 100$ and 3000$-4000$ respectively in India, including their travelling costs.

We at Dr. Kumar’s Hair Transplantation Centre, situated in the heart of Lucknow have taken this concept to another level where we wish for people residing in various parts of India along with the overseas patients to have a glimpse of the rich heritage of Lucknow.
As a part of this enriched culture, we would ensure that our patients get to explore the best of Lucknow’s heritage during their primary purpose of visit to this place. We wish to make their trip a fruitful experience by combining leisure with a serious mission. We take care of minimizing the time between the initial consultation and the date of surgery for the overseas patients, taking into consideration the practical aspects of travelling. One can take an appointment for the initial consultation along with a tentative booking for the earliest surgical date depending on the availability.
The medical tourism support staff at our centre can arrange – on special demand- a comfortable visit as per your specific requirements, including pick-up & drop in facilities, hotel stay, city exploration and places worth visiting.

We at Dr. Kumar’s Hair Transplantation Centre sincerely strive to fulfil our commitment of providing the best results, at par with any world class hair transplant centre at an affordable cost. We wish to put Lucknow on the National and International map in the field of Hair Transplantation which could also benefit a much larger section of people across the globe seriously considering this surgical procedure.